Dear Baker…

CHALLENGE: Persuade the public to take their chances and encourage bakers of all backgrounds to sign up for the show.

APPROACH: After holding focus groups with family, friends and members of Word Tonic from across the world, my Great British Bake Off ads encourage bakers from across Britain to sign up with a campaign centred on what baking means to you.

The copy places baking for passion, pride and personality at the heart of the campaign rather than winning, as fear of failure was a factor that could put potential applicants off. One of the highlights of Bake Off is its roster of bakers who aren’t afraid to put their own unique spin on their bakes, and in turn help viewers to discover new and exciting recipes and baking twists. The viewer is immediately encouraged to apply by being addressed as ‘Baker’ (as they would be in the tent), reinforcing that GBBO is for passionate amateurs where anyone, regardless of skill, can ‘take on the tent’.

Taking into account my chosen medium (OOH posters), I’ve used mouthwatering copy to form three distinct bakes, with each word-shape inspired by both the familiar and the surprising, reflecting the many different real life interpretations of recipes, inspired by our families, cultures or just personal preference. The QR code gives viewers a way to apply then and there in a spur of the moment decision informed by the confidence this poster is designed to give. 

And, in true Bake Off style, I’ve made sure to include a dash of humour too.