Food For Thought

CHALLENGE: Inspire young people to eat more plant based foods in the middle of the cost of living crisis, drawing on WWF’s Eat4Change campaign. Our diets and the way that we choose to eat has an impact on our planet, so encourage people to eat more sustainably with less meat and dairy products, and more plants.

APPROACH: Research shows that young people are open to eating plant-based food for environmental purposes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing it. During the cost of living crisis, people have been more hesitant to make dietary changes in their lives as plant-based food is seen as expensive or inaccessible.

Created with a deadline of just 2 days, I created a social first campaign centred on the theme of ‘Food For Thought’, informing Gen Z about the impact that small changes to their diets can have on both their wallet and our planet.

The campaign would then continue with key Gen Z influencers sharing their meal ideas, small changes and savings, encouraging others to follow suit.